Michael Alexander CAS

Alex-Clay Inc.

Westlake Village, CA 91361

(C) 805.807.4444

Email: minegoesto11@mac.com

URL: minegoesto11.net

Sound Mixer/ Supervisor/ Reality Sound Designer/ Avid/ Pro Tools owner operator

Certified Avid/ ProTools HD operator and multi - track mixer with more than 20 years experience in the audio field as designer/mixer/sound supervisor for live and broadcast television. Specializing in large and small audio productions, large track count shows, detailed file management and multiple RF coordination internationally. Experience using multi-track recorders, digital and analog mixing consoles, field recorders, conforming audio to picture via Pro Tools HD and the Adams/ Smith video controller, surround sound 5.1 fold down experience etc. Sonic excellence is my mission and I love my craft. I have a strong and loyal work ethic and strive to communicate often and specifically with Post Prod. so that all recorded elements dovetail seamlessly with post's work flow.



Free-lance Avid/ ProTools HD MADI owner operator, production sound mixer/ large format reality sound designer & supervisor.

Production Sound Designer/Mixer/Supervisor for The Brittania Awards, The Academy Center Honors Awards, The Independent Spirit Awards red carpet, Hell's Kitchen, Cutthroat Kitchen, Fear Factor, Meet My Folks, Project Greenlight, Full Tilt Poker, Average Joe, Temptation Island etc. (see attached list).

Jobs involved working closely with line producers to design an appropriate audio plan within budget. Lots of experience multi-tracking music and dialog and interfacing directly with Post production to establish a work flow that dovetails seamlessly with their audio ingest. Building audio control rooms on stage and in the field, managing large audio crews and being a diligent supervisor while filling a full time shift as the primary A1.

Sound editor for Technicolor Creative Services

Job tasks included conforming and laying back first run features and episodic television primarily via Pro Tools HD. Decoding Dolby E & Dolby SR encoded audio files. Experience with linear and nonlinear editing using Pro Tools HD and the Adams-Smith video controller. Conforming and laying back dialogue, music and effects, troubleshooting clocking, and performing pull up/ downs on nearly every job. Recording to NTSC, PAL, D5, HD Cam SR and DTRS tape.


Professional drummer and programmer for acts ranging from Motown artist/producer Tim Miner to Armenian arena rock acts. Played in several L.A. bands. Developed/ composed unique sounds and sequenced loops for each type of music. Traveled extensively, and played large and small venues everywhere from clubs in Uzbekistan to sold out shows at the L.A. Sports Arena, Los Angeles Palladium, The Palace and the Greek Theatre.


Artist relations/development assistant, REMO, Inc., North Hollywood

Assisted in artist relations and product development for one of the premier drum manufacturers in the US.


Certification by Avid as Pro Tools HD operator/ editor.

Active member of the Cinema Audio Society and the Audio Engineering Society.

Musician's Institute, Associate of Arts, in music.

Partial List of Shows:

* "2017 58th Presidential Inauguration", SSW Creative. International live broadcst. Pro Tools music recordist. 96 inputs tracked to Pro Tools HD. Audio Control room build Washington D.C.

* "Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner" VH1, 495 Prod. Sound Supervisor/ A1. 12 camera, live to tape talk show. 41 isos tracked to Pro Tools HD. Viacom Magnus truck.

* "Acting Out" MTV, A.Smith & Co. Sound Supervisor/ A1, 7 camera live to tape comedy show. Live audience. Control room build at the Colony Theater, Burbank. Recorded to Pro Tools HD.

* “Utopia”, FOX, Talpa Media. Sound Supervisor, 130 robotic cameras, 742 gigs of audio captured daily. 64 audio isos recorded to 3 destinations simultaneously. Metacorder, Isis and Pronology. Edited on site and aired within 72 hrs. of episode wrap. Live streaming 24/7.

* "Back To The Bar" Cycles 2 & 3. Spike. 3 Ball Ent. Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. Live to tape, 6 cameras, 32 Isos tracked to Pro Tools HD. One day control room build at the Cicada Club L.A. and Ben Kitay Studios.

* “Cutthroat Kitchen” Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 The Food Network, Embassy Row Prod. A1/ Sound Supervisor. 10 camera stage based cooking show. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Isos recorded to Pro Tools HD.

* "Restaraunt Start Up 3" CNBC, Shine America. Sound Supervisor/ A1 Mix. 5 cameras, 14 wireless cast. Isos tracked to ProTools HD. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Control room build at Sunset/ Gower Studios.

* "Finding Prince Charming Reunion" Logo. Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. Live to tape reunion show. 16 cast. 1 day ESU. Isos tracked to ProTools HD. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Control room build at Goat Street Studios.

* “The Britannia Awards” 2013. Sound supervisor/ A1 mix. Multi-cam award show at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Live to tape.

* "Recipe For Deception" Bravo. Embassy Row Prod. Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. 8 camera, stage based cooking show. Isos recorded to Pro Tools HD. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Control room build at Los Angeles Center Studios.

* “The Glass House” ABC Keep Calm and Carry On prod. A1/ Sound Supervisor. Multi-Channel RF coordination. House reality, hidden camera. 64 isos recorded to 3 destinations simultaneously. Metacorder, Isis, Pronology. 742 gigs of audio captured daily. Edited on site and aired within 72 hrs. of episode wrap.

* “Television Academy Honors Awards” The Gurin Company. Sound Supervisor/ A1 production mix and FOH 2009, 2011. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Control room build at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Live to tape.

* “Opening Act” E!  Nigel Lithgoe Prod. Sound Supervisor/ A1 Mix. Multi-Cam music based reality, Live rehearsal stage with 32 isos. Sound Supervisor/ A1. Multi-Channel RF coordination. 24 isos tracked to Pro Tools HD and the Tascam X48.

* ”Glee” FOX DVD. Blue Collar Prod. Season box set. Sound Supervisor/ A1. 15 cast isos tracked to Pro Tools HD and the Tascam X48. 15 in ear IFBs. 2 hour ESU at Paramount Studios.

* “Road Rules Challenge 24&25 Reunion Special”. Bunim-Murray Prod. MTV Mulit-cam stage, 22 isos to the Tascam x48. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Live to tape.

* “Big Rich Texas” reunion special. Style Network for Fly On The Wall Ent. Sound Supervisor/ A1. 9 XD cams, Multi-Channel RF coordination. 18 wireless cast. Tracked to Pro Tools HD & Tascam X-48.  

* “Vanderpump Rules” reunion special. BRAVO, Evolution Media. Sound supervisor/ A1. Multi-Channel RF coordination 7 camera reunion show, live to tape, tracked to the Tascam X-48.

* Ru Pauls' Drag Race Season 2&3, Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. World of Wonder. Stage build, 9-HDX cams, Multi-Channel RF coordination. Tracked to Metacorder.

* “Eric Andre New Years Eve Spooktacular”. Adult Swim. A1. Live to tape. 24 ch. Recorded in Pro Tools HD. Tascam X-48  BU.

* Hell's Kitchen” 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 FOX. A1 production mix.  21 wireless cast, Metacorder. 50 surveillance mics routed to 3


* "Fear Factor" Endemol Ent. NBC A1 sound mix 12 wireless cast, surveillance audio.

* ”Real World Brooklyn”, reunion special, Sound Supervisor/ A1. MTV, Bunim/ Murray Prod. 19 cast isos. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Studio. Live to tape.

* Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” premiere. Sound Supervisor/ A1. Truck build and A1 mix. Internationally broadcast live event at L.A. LIVE.

* “Seriously Funny Kids” with Heidi Klume. Lifetime. LMNO prod. Sound Supervisor/ A1. Studio and hidden camera. Tracking to Tascam X48.

* “Paradise Hotel” Fox, Mentorn Prod. London, A1 Mix. 56 surveillance mics 18 wireless cast tracked to DA-98s.

* "The Cut" CBS, Pilgrim Films. Sound Design, Supervisor/ A1, Frequency coordination for 70 wireless systems and A1 Mix.  16 IMX cams, 20 wireless cast, Surveillance audio transmitted via Canobeam laser down 3 NYC city blocks to video village.

* “Average Joe 3” NBC, Sound Supervisor/ A1 Mix. 20 wireless cast, surveillance rigging.

* “Temptation Island 2," FOX A1 Mix. 16 wireless cast, 7 IMX Cams, 3, 24 track fly pack builds per day, trackd to Tascam DA-78's.

* “2010 Independent Spirit Awards”. A1, Live, red carpet show. 3 VTR zones, 9 hand held mics, 5 in ear IFBs. Sweetwater truck.

* “Mazda 2 music tour”. Mayer Hawthorne at the Fonda Theater. Live  A1, Pro Tools tracking. 24 analog into Pro Tools HD Tascam x48 back up. 5 camera 7D shoot.  

* “You Tube”, Pro Tools HD mix for Masthead. 2011.  


* “God Of War III” Spike TV, Sound Supervisor/ A1. 12 wireless cast tracked directly to Pro Tools HD with redundant tracking to Tascam X-48.  Multi-Channel RF coordination.


* “Real World Duel II” after show special. MTV Bunim-Murray prod. Studio. Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. Multi-Channel RF coordination. 18 wireless cast.  Studio, live to tape.

* “Running Wild” with Ted Nugent. Bischoff/ Hervey Ent. CMT, Sound Supervisor/ A1, system designer & multi-track mixer.      DVD Ram isos, Multi-Channel RF coordination. 6  HD900 cams, 4 P2s, 4  Night vision Cams.

* “In Real Life” seasons 1,2 & 3. YTV, Montreal Canada. Sound Supervisor/ A1 International frequency coordination. 24 wireless cast. All tracking to ProTools HD, Tascam X48 back up. 10, F-900 cams. 38, 1 day audio control room builds thru out the US and Canada including on a glacier in British Columbia.

* Technicolor Sound Services ProTools editor and lay back operator. First run features including Pirates of The  Caribbean, Borat, Cars, Finding Nemo, The Da Vinci Code, etc.

* “Comics Unleashed” Series, ABC, Renmar studios, Floor A2 Nationally syndicated.

* "HD.net" Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix, Live mobile multi-tracking, 24 channels. 3 HD 900 cams, 3 bands, The Sugarplastics,  The  Autumns, The Dodos.

* "Full Tilt Poker" FOX Sports, Echo Ent. Studio, A1 mix.

* "I Want To Be A Soap Star'" ABC LMNO Prod. Casting Special. Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. Multi-Channel RF coordination.

* “I Want to Be A Hilton" w/ Kathy Hilton NBC Fall 2005. Sound Design, Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. Multi-Channel RF coordination. 18 wireless cast, house  surveillance rigging, 8 IMX Cams, Frequency coordination.

* “Meet My Folks”  seasons 2&3 for NBC, Nash Entertainment. Sound Supervisor/ A1. Multi-Channel RF coordination. Sound Design, House reality, house build. 16 wireless cast to 2 DA-78s.

* "I Spy On Myself" A&E, Hidden Camera, Winter 2005, Sound Design, Sound Supervisor/ A1. 10 DV cams, 2 in ear IFBs,  surveillance.

* "The Littlest Groom" FOX LMNO Prod. Sound Design, Sound Supervisor/ A1 mix. 15 wireless cast, surveillance, Frequency   coordination.

* “Who Wants to Marry My Dad” NBC Nash Entertainment, 8 cameras, Sound Design, Sound Supervisor/ A1, Frequency  coordination. & A1 Mix. 21 wireless to 3 DA-78s, surveillance.

* “The Player” The WB, Sound Design, Supervisor,/ A1 Mix. 20 wireless cast & 32 channels of surveillance, Frequency  coordination. 9 IMX Cams.

* “American Candidate” Showtime, Actual Reality prod. Fall 2004 Sound Design, Sound Supervisor/ A1. 16 wireless cast.  FOH and  A1 mix. 6 IMX Cams.

* “Playing it Straight” Fox, Paddenswick Pictures UK. Sound Supervisor/ A1, Sound Design, 32  surveillance mics, Multi-Channel RF coordination.18 wireless cast to 3 DA-78s, 8 IMX Cams.

*  “Mr. Personality” FOX The G Group Prod. / Nash Ent. Sound Design, Sound Supervisor/ A1. 22 wireless cast to 3  DA-78s, surveillance, Multi-Channel RF coordination., 8 IMX Cams.

* “High School Reunion” UPN, And Syndicated Prod. Sound Design, Supervisor/ A1 Mix. 22  wireless to 3 DA-88s. Multi-Channel RF coordination.

* “The One That Got Away” NBC Studios, (2 hr. Special) Sound Design, Supervisor. Frequency coordination & A1 Mix. 14  wireless cast, surveillance.

* “Project Greenlight” HBO Live Planet Prod. 2003 Park City UT. Documentary audio mix.

* “Combat Missions” USA, Mark Burnett Productions A1 Mix, 24 wireless contestants.

* 2005 "California Gubernatorial Debate" A2. Live satellite broadcast.

* “Brit Awards UK” BBC, Madonna. Documentary, production audio.